The Greek Golden Visa is an investment program for non-European citizens who buy a residence in Greece, the value of which should be at least EUR 250.000, offering a residence permit as well as multiple benefits and privileges. Great interest is manifested by buyers mainly from Turkey, China, Egypt, Russia and other Asian, African countries and Middle East countries. Investments are mainly made in homes in Athens and some popular destinations, which are considered competitive investments if compared to similar properties in other European Capitals and Destinations.

  • You have the right to apply for a residence permit for owners of real estate property, provided the value of the property, as referred to in the contract of purchase, is at least €250.000. This residence permit (Article 20B, Law 4251/2014, as it stands) can be renewed every 5 years provided you are still the owner of the property.
  • Third country citizens may be accompanied by their family members to whom individual residence permits shall be issued following a relevant application, and is valid for as long as the sponsor’s own permit is.
  • According to Article 8, paragraph 30, Law 4332/2015, the third country citizen has the right to apply for the long-term resident status, provided they fulfill the conditions of Articles 89 and 90, Law 4251/2014. Having been granted the long-term residence status is a prerequisite in order to apply for Greek citizenship by naturalization, provided all other requirements are fulfilled.